Hear from our experts on how to make your injection pumps more efficient

Our experts in automation technology for injection pump applications have put together an interesting presentation that we’re certain will give you sound insights into running your pumps more efficiently, with less downtime and fewer headaches.

We’ll talk about how to:

  • Use traditional oilfield switches and gauge controls, or fully automate the pump system with more accurate pressure transducers with analog outputs.
  • Reduce peak demand charges from utility and energy consumption.
  • Reduce inrush currents to the name-plate amps of the motor, by 7x to 12x.
  • Maximize production by running the pump at the optimal speed rather than operating it with a simple on/off switch.

The HPS variable frequency drive controls the speed at the pump, allowing you to leave the valve open at all times, reducing wear and failures within the system. The drive’s simple interface allows you to control and monitor your tank levels, vibration sensors, intake pressure and discharge pressure. You can now control the pump at the widest possible range.

Service is a vital component of the HPS drive. We understand what you face in the field. Our in-house engineers have extensive field experience. They know what you’ve faced, and we’ve designed our drives around your business.